Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Words About 9-11

Everyone has a story.™
 Smith Magazine is the opiate for the concise masses.  They are currently asking for 6 word stories about 9-11 which will be developed further into  a project for PBS.  The stories on there so far are concise, sad, and profoundly poetic.
My own is shared as well because it was a profoundly shocking and sad day for all and this year’s 10th anniversary will be filled with much reflection, prayer, and reverence.
Visit SMITH’s 9-11 page HERE.
You can see all my 6 word memoirs HERE and links to my pages for all the memoirs at SMITH MAGAZINE’s site.
What would your 6 words be?  About 9-11, about your own history, about your own present?
My 6 words about 9-11 are as follows:
Friend hanging.  Towers falling.  Family missing.

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