Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quotation Inspiration: Storytelling + the Sacred

” With storytelling we enter the trance of the sacred. Telling stories reminds us of our humanity in this beautiful broken world.” by terry tempest williams
Writing and reading, for me, have always been like entering into communion with elements of the universe far greater than myself. It is like a prayer.

When I was a child I would be so engrossed in a book, deep in meditation on words, that if someone came up behind me they would have to tap me hard on the back for me to even notice their presence and like being shaken out of a vivid dream I would startle.

When I write I go someplace inside and am touched by that “trance of the sacred”. Sometimes I finish and read what I have written, not certain whose inspiration it was that would ever think to pair together those two adjectives, verbs, nouns or that particularly tasty alliteration.

When I was younger I was prideful about the inspiration, as if something particularly particular about me had created the “good stuff”. Now, I realize, that most of the mindless, meandering, preening drivel is what comes when I am in control of the literary wheel and when it is something transformative or transcendent of that, something that might actually touch or help or heal…it is wholly God’s doing.

How humbling it is to be given the touch of something precious and realize it is not yours at all. How important it is to not try to own words, language, or meaning but just to understand that we all have the potential to be conduits to something greater than ourselves in whatever form of humanity-inducing art God has graced us with.
We are the brush, but never the painter.

We are in communion with the prayer of poetry, but we are not the genesis. This knowledge is both humbling and freeing–like all prayer.

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