Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check Out My Article at Burnside Writers Collective: Metaphor + Morality in "The Walking Dead"

Image c/o Burnside Writers Collective ; originally from the credits of THE WALKING DEAD

I am a “The Walking Dead” super-fan. Seriously. Not only do I think a post-apocolyptic world with walking zombies have a lot to teach us and not only do I think the story-line is saturated with metaphor and meaning {see my article title above} but they are freaking zombies! I loves me some zombies.

So, in a departure from the contemplative and spiritual cruxes of my last two posts which discuss meaning making in infertility and the history of centering prayer…this post {and tomorrow’s on THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT} and the article I am linking to is just for my nerdish freakish homage to zombies and the value of THE WALKING DEAD on AMC.
CHECK OUT MY ARTICLE HERE… at the Burnside Writers Collective.

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