Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Tree of Contemplative Thought {My New Favorite Thing}

In the pursuit of more contemplative sources on the web I found the following TREE of Contemplation which, in its simplicity, depicts the multitude of contemplative traditions and the way in which our roots wind around each other, dancing like a Sufi, chanting like a monk, and illuminating the ways to God found, inherently, in the pursuit of silence and meditative prayer.
You can download or print out your own HERE.
And you can fill in a blank one with your own tree of faith like the one below…HERE.
Both are care of the CENTER FOR CONTEMPLATIVE MIND IN SOCIETY and in an inspiration of images I will be spending the next few weeks going through the many practices listed in the TREE with a bit about their history and practice.

Breath is a conduit of silence, silence is a conduit of prayer, prayer is communion with God. May God grace your prayer life with the renewing experience of silent meditation.  Amen.

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