Monday, June 4, 2012

Virtual Contemplative Prayer Survey + Prayers for My Pup

Hi all. How much has happened in a short period of time. A 6 day trip back to my hometown. Eating at a Dinner Church–thank you St Lydia’s for the hospitality. Meeting great new people north and south. A few new ideas percolating. A few new projects on my mind and the horizon. And many posts to catch up on all of it.

I am presently working on my belated monthly newsletter on contemplative prayer for June and I just finished crafting a survey on “Virtual Contemplative Prayer”. I want to get a feel for who, if anyone, this might resonate with. In a world where everything can be virtual and social media is king my hope is that the benefit of all this technology is that people who could not or would not have previously participated in things like communal contemplative prayer can do so in a way that is equally community-building and also allows for whatever version of anonymity a person is comfortable with. Also, in a time where schedules are packed and taking a trip to one more place on one more day  a week may seem impossible, virtual access to prayer–from the comfort of a person’s home, work, or local beach (wherever the wifi connection flows)–might bring contemplative prayer to many who otherwise would never use it or seek it.

I would be much appreciative if you would spread the word and the link for the survey around and answer it when you have the time!


And this will take you straight to the survey from this site:

Thanks and blessings! A backlog of posts coming soon including “St Lydia’s Dinner Church: A Church Grows In Brooklyn” and others! Also a newsletter coming today or tomorrow.

And I’m asking for a few prayers for my poor pit/lab 4 year old who is in the doggie hospital tonight after a day of stomach surgery for a toy which he swallowed and was making him severely ill the last week. Here is his picture :
Thinking of you Guinness! He came with the name :) .

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